A microgrid is a smaller-scale system of loads and distributed electrical resources sources that can operate and be managed independently or in collaboration with the region’s utility grid. 

Electrical Midstream is a leader in developing cutting edge Microgrid solutions — from sub grids to single location to a networked system that connects multiple facilities on a single campus, Electrical Midstream can develop, build, own and operate a Microgrid to suit your situation. 

We’re always looking for the right partners and the right solution to serve our customers.  In addition, we can integrate renewable energy as appropriate, including both solar and wind. 

Energy independence is more than just a buzzword.  It can transform your business and provide maximum reliability, redundancy, and economic advantages. 

Electrical Midstream tailors their microgrid solution to best fit your facility’s needs and the available utility system.


Reserve Power as a Service®

Electrical Midstream can provide you with dedicated, dependable back-up generation for about 10% of the capital cost of installing it yourself — and without interfering with your existing power purchasing agreement.

We can also integrate renewable energy sources into your system, which means you benefit from reducing your external consumption and apparent demand.

And when disaster strikes, you will be ready and operating.


Prime Power and T&D Services

Instead of being at the mercy of the utilit company schedule, which may take years to build out their infrastructure to power your location, with Electrical Midstream, you gain control over your own energy supply in a fraction of the time.

Even more critical is the need to make sure you can transition seamlessly as your facility grows. Having multiple providers handling different facets of your power can create massive problems down the line. At Electrical Midstream, we bring a vision for your entire project — one that won’t paint you into a corner with compatibility issues or the expense and headaches of a rip-and-replace mentality. Instead, we start with a design that will expand as your business grows.